What to Expect with Hardwood Refinishing

What to Expect with Hardwood Refinishing

Thank you for considering Pizazz Floors for your hardwood refinishing project.   In order to ensure the most high-quality job and positive experience, we want to inform you about what you can expect during the refinishing process.

Hardwood refinishing is an extensive process, one that produces a beautiful transformation in your home.  Because of the nature of the work, you can expect some noise and dust. While dust containment systems work to minimize debris, no system can remove 100% of the dust, so we ask that you please cover or remove any items that you wish to keep free of dust, including draperies and paintings.  We also advise that you empty the pantry.  If you choose to forgo the dust-less system, a light cleaning will be needed after the refinishing process is complete.

The (re)finishing schedule will go as follows:

♦ Day 1- Your hardwood is first sanded.  Your Pizazz Floors design consultant will then assist you in selecting a stain color.   A sample of your stain choice will be applied on your floor, allowing you the opportunity to see the stain in your home and lighting.   Custom stain mixing is also available at no additional charge.  Please plan to be present at this time to view and approve your stain selection.  (If you are planning to go on vacation or anticipate that more time will be needed for your color selection, we can apply samples prior to the first day of the refinishing process.)  Once approved, the stain will be applied, as well as a first coat of polyurethane.   It is important that the homeowners (and pets) stay off the floor to allow for drying .  The first day in the refinishing process typically takes about 12 hours.  We will lock all doors upon completion.

♦ Day 2 – Your team of wood refinishing experts will come back in the afternoon (approx. 18-24 hours after the application of the first coat of polyurethane) to screen the floors (very light sanding) and apply the second coat of polyurethane.   We ask that the homeowner be present to let us in or leave a key with your design consultant.  Shoe mold will also be installed at this time.  Please continue to stay off of the floors, as they need adequate time to dry with each application of polyurethane.

♦ Day 3- We will come back in the afternoon to screen the floors and apply the third and final coat of polyurethane.  Please remain off the floors  (including pets) until they have dried, about 18-24 hours.  The amount of time required may vary slightly depending on the type of finish used.

♦ Day 4- Your Pizazz team will move furniture back in place and ensure that your floors are left clean and tidy.   You are now ready to enjoy your beautiful new floors!

You can be confident knowing that your Pizazz design consultant will oversee your job from beginning to end and stay in communication with you throughout the entire process.   If you are on vacation, we will be happy to take pictures of your floor’s progress and send them to you.  We appreciate your business and will do everything we can to ensure that your refinished hardwood floors exceed your expectations.